[Chinadengshi.com] US company SETi whic specialized in DUV LED component and module, recently marched in China market by great extension of freshness of vegetable and fruits.


According to David Xu, Marketing Director of SETi, DUV LED technology is much safer compared with traditional chemical fresh keeper and pesticide.

On 2015 Nov., SETi held a press conference and lauched iFresh in Shanghai, which has drawn highly attention from industry.

SETi currently supplys DUV chips to china and provides both standard products and customized products. More products are in R&D process and to be unclosed in about six months.

United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) research shows that UV LED with wavelength between 285nm and 305nm, and beams of UVC spectrum range are able to keep fruit and vegetable in better and longer freshness under cold condition.

Research in lettuce, strawberry and other fruit and vegetable related reports also indicate that polyphenol compounds inside lasts longer under UV LED Light.

From USDA report, some fruit and vegetable are well preserved double days with UV LED than those without; the fresh keeping effect is especially good to strawberry, comparing to others.

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