Lighting in restaurant could not be more important. Good lighting creates a good atmosphere as well as activates your appetite. You prefer to have a meal with enough brightness, but still want to keep certain privacy in divided section. Therefore, using separated light source is the key solution, layering the depth of light.

1) Main Light Source above each Dinning Table to keep enough brightness, the light is focus and covers mainly the individual dinning sections. In this case, Pendant Light is adopted.
2) Surround Light in other areas fills up the light of environment, the brightness is not requested too bright, as good as normal functioning. LED Grille Light, LED Ceiling Light and LED Down Light would all be good choices.
3) Restaurant is a part of arts, each restaurant is unique with its own style. Decorative lighting is indispensable. LED Rigid Bar and LED flexible light can be used in corners, table, cabinet, steps, windows and any places with your creation. Colors match the whole design.

Bright in Dinning Area, LED Grille Lights on ceiling surrounded to fill the area, blue rigid bars tones up the whole design.

1) Main Light: Pendant Light (Use LED bulbs)
2) & 3) Surround Light: LED Grille Light/LED Down Light
4) Decorative Light: LED Rigid Bar

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