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Product Name: LED Filament Candle
Item Code: LA-B02-C35T
Power: 1.5W
Input: AC110V | AC220V
CRI ≥80 | 360° Beam Angle
Dimmable: Available
Base Type: E12,E14,B15,E27,E26,B22
Lifespan: >35,000 hours
Warranty: 2 years
MOQ: 100 Pieces
Both ODM LightAge® | OEM
Indoor lighting, home lighting, commercial lighting, decorative lighting, function lighting.

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LED Filament Flame Candle is 360 degrees beam angle, close look to traditional incandescent candle light. Without large aluminum heat sink and intensive chips, LED filament candle can be applied directly to decorative lights like crystal chandeliers, wall lamps, pendant lights etc. house, restaurant, hotel, banquet hall, ballroom, castle and so on.  LightAge 1.5W C35 LED Filament Flame Candle normally can replace 15W incandescent bulb.

LED Filament Flame Candle-APPLICATION


  • Item Code. LA-B02-C35T
  • Input Voltage. AC110V/ AC220V
  • Rated Power. 1.5W
  • High Lumen Flux. 130~150lm
  • Chip Type. Filament LED 38mm
  • Chip Qty. 2 LEDs
  • Color Temperature. 2200K / 2700K / 4000K / 6000K
  • Glass Tops. Clear/Frosted/Amber/Others(Please consult)
  • Dimmable Options. Both dimmable & Non-dimmable available.
  • Wide Beam Angle. LED Filament Flame Candle is with 360° all-rounded beam angle
  • Color Rendering Index. LED Filament Flame Candlee Ra>80 (can upgraded to CRI 90)
  • Multi-options of Lamp Base. E12/E14/B15/E26/ E27/B22 base is available for LED Filament Flame Candle
  • Long lifespan. >35,000 hrs

LED Filament Flame Candle-Specification


LED Filament Flame Candle also known as C11 Candle, adopts 1W COB filament chips of 130lm high brightness. Working with driver builted-in lamp base, LED Filament Flame Candle gives 100~110lm/W practical lumen flux. Conductors are isolated in sealed glass column for high safety. LED candle Glass top is vacuumed and injected with inert-gas, which prevents intense heat and therefore enable the LED glass bulb for long life hours.



LED Filament Flame Candle Glass Tops. Clear Glass Top | Frosted Grass Top | Amber Glass Top
LED Filament Flame Candle Base Types.  E12 / E14 / B15 / B22 / E26 / E27

led-filament-candle-c35t-glass top colors

More Filament bulb items please refer to page 360°Filament Bulb. LED Filament Bulbs are available with different glass top shapes C35 / C45 / G45 / A60 / ST58 / ST64 / G80 / G95 / G125 / G200 / D95 / D110 / T20 / T25 / T30 / T38 / T45 / A165 / BT100 / BT120 / BT180 / R50 / R63 / R80 & other decorative shapes.

lightage led filament bulbs multi-shapes-multi-colors

Other details of LED lighting products, please contact LightAge®.


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Replacement Equivalence Reference

Traditional Halogen Bulb 15W = LED Filament Bulb 1.5W
Traditional Halogen Bulb 40W = LED Filament Bulb 3.5W
Traditional Halogen Bulb 60W = LED Filament Bulb 5W
Traditional Halogen Bulb 80W = LED Filament Bulb 6.5W


LED filament Candle Light C35 Seires available powers 1.5W/3.5W
LA-B02-C35R  |  1.5W  |   130~150lm | Round Candle
LA-B04-C35R  |  3.5W  |   280~360lm | Round Candle
LA-B02-C35T  |  1.5W  |   130~150lm | Tailed Candle
LA-B04-C35T |  3.5W  |   280~360lm | Tailed Candle


LED Filament Bulb Glass Top Options
Clear, Frosted, Milky, Amber, Smoked, Silver Top, Golden Top, Rose-Golden Top, Decorative

lightage led filament bulbs multi-shapes-multi-colors

LED Filament Bulb Base Types can be E26, E27, B22, E14, E12, B15

LED Filament Bulb Base Types_Light Source_LightAge

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