COB 10W LED Flood Light Classic Architectural Light LightAge®

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Product Name: LED Flood Light
Item Code: LA-FL02-10W
Power: 10W
Input: AC85~265V
CRI ≥70 | 120° Beam Angle
Color: W/WW/CW/R/G/B/RGB
Outdoor: Yes. IP65
Lifespan: >35,000 hours
Warranty: 2 years
MOQ: 20 Pieces
Both ODM LightAge® | OEM
Outdoor lighting, Architectural lighting, commercial lighting, public lighting.


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LED flood light with solid body waterproof IP65 and multi-color choices, is one of the top Architectural lightings widely applied in parks, squares, billboard, bridge, sports ground, building’s facade. LED Flood Light has high efficiency of lumen output out of comparatively low power. Not only could be designed to single color, the LED flood light also adopts RGB color changing, achieving magic effect with DMX512 system. 10W LED Flood Light is suitable for small scene light, advertisement board light, storefront signboard light, grass light, tree light etc.

COB LED Flood Light LA-FL02 application 01


  • Item Code. LA-FL02-10W
  • Input Voltage. AC85~265V
  • Rated Power. 10W
  • High Lumen Flux. 800~900 lm
  • White Color. 2700K / 4500K / 6500K
  • Colored Flood Options. Yellow / Red / Green / Blue / RGB color changing
  • Wide Beam Angle. 10W LED Flood Light is with 120° wide range beam angle
  • Color Rendering Index. 10W LED Flood Light Ra>70 (standard as outdoor light and color light)
  • Outdoor Application. IP65 Rainproof, cannot be drowned in water.
  • Long lifespan. >35,000 hrs
  • Series Power. 10W | 20W | 50W | 100W | 150W | 200W (Please refer to Slide 2 -Product Series)

LA-FL02-10W 10W COB LED Flood Light Specification


10W LED Flood Light adopts one Epistar COB LED chip at 100lm/W high brightness. Working with constant current driver sealed in waterproof power box, the practical lumen output after high transimitance glass is 80lm~90lm/W. LightAge 10W LED Flood Light use thick die-casting aluminum body, heavier but good for quick heat dissipation. Transparent tempered glass allows maximum light-out as well as reliable protection of inner chip.

COB LED Flood Light Details


Same Classic Look, Better Light. The reflector of this type of LED flood light designed as the same with traditional one, achieving a wide beam angle. Also, the Epistar COB chip ensures high brightness and stable performance.

Lower Power, Less Heat, Longer Life. LED lightings is quite energy saving. With the same lumen, 10W LED Flood Light equals to a 30W energy saving lamp or 50W Halogen Flood Light, consumes less power yet last much longer life.

Series Power Replacement and Sizes Please refer to Slide 2 -Product Series.
Other details of LED lighting products, please contact LightAge®.


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Replacement Equivalence Reference

Traditional Halogen Bulb 50W = LED Flood Light 10W
Traditional Halogen Bulb 100W = LED Flood Light 20W
Traditional Halogen Bulb 150W = LED Flood Light 30W
Traditional Halogen Bulb 250W = LED Flood Light 50W
Traditional Halogen Bulb 500W = LED Flood Light 100W
Traditional Halogen Bulb 750W = LED Flood Light 150W
Traditional Halogen Bulb 1000W = LED Flood Light 200W

LA-FL02 Series LED Flood Light available powers
10W | 20W | 30W | 50W | 100W | 150W | 200W
LA-FL02-10W  |      10W   |      800~900lm   | 120*95*75mm
LA-FL02-20W  |      20W   |   1600~1800lm   | 180*140*100mm
LA-FL02-30W  |      30W   |   2400~2700lm   | 225*190*100mm
LA-FL02-50W  |      50W   |   4000~4500lm   | 285*235*115mm
LA-FL02-100W  |  100W   |   8000~9000lm   | 425*330*185mm
LA-FL02-150W  |  150W   |   12000~13500lm   | 425*330*185mm
LA-FL02-200W  |  200W   |   16000~18000lm   | 525*330*185mm

COB LED Flood Light LightAge LA-FL02 Series Dimension

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