Light as an important part of our life, we expect it delightful in design, practical in function, and economic in daily use. Let’s get some green with a Home Pendant Light.

Lamp Material: Iron
Light Source: LED G80 Filament Bulb, LED G95 Filament Bulb, LED G125 Filament Bulb
Craft: Frosting lacquered
Light Source: E27 X 1
Coverage: 10㎡-15㎡
Voltage: AC220V

Application: Living Room, Dining Room, Reading Room, Bedroom, Balcony
Style: Country Style Pendant Light, Iron Modern Style Pendant Light, Creative Green Light

Light Source Recommends

LED G80 Filament Bulb: 6W, 8W
LED G95 Filament Bulb: 6W, 8W
LED G125 Filament Bulb: 6W, 8W, 10W

Incandescent Bulb Energy Saving Bulb LED Filament Bulb
15W 5W 2W
35W 10W 4W
50W 15W 6W
65W 20W 8W
80W 24W 10W
100W 28W 12W
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