As we all know, LED lighting is quite energy-saving. Giving the same brightness, LED ceiling light cunsume only 30% energy of traditional ceiling light, while the lifespan is times of it. Besides, no dark area, no noise from ballast, not easy to break, make LED light a better choice of ceiling light which is quite a common lamp at home.
If your energy saver ceiling light black out again, don’t get a same CFL circle back; neither buy a new ceiling light, some simple materials and a few easy steps offer you a “brand-new” long-life and high brightness LED ceiling light.
1. Screw driver and insulating tapes
2. LED ceiling source kit

1. Cut off the power (MAKE SURE! DO NOT try to taste the Electricity);
2. Remove old tube or circle CFL, also ballast; BUT keep the power cable;
3. Connect power cable to driver properly and protect connect point with insulating tape;
4. Screw LED PCB onto the original ceiling light back-rack, fix driver
5. Place back the PC cover;
6. Light up and enjoy your DIY.

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